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Model - Dina Kozlovska

Art Direction - Shannon Bender

Make-up - Jonathan Wu

Hair - Sarah Jordan

Styling - Kim Mesches

Location - NYC



This editorial was largely inspired by a conversation we had with our stylist, Kim Meseches, who proposed the idea of creating custom pieces made from crinoline. 


Historically, crinoline was used in the mid-19th century as the stiffness of the material was ideal for creating the cage-like petticoats designed to hold out the multiple layers of a woman’s skirt. Our team wanted to explore a concept that represented a modern and atypical use of the material worn on it’s own rather than under layers of clothing. 

The hand-made pieces were custom-molded to the model on set as we explored several futuristic looks meant to juxtapose the time period in which crinoline was traditionally used. 


The looks represent our take on women’s empowerment in the 21st century and the liberation in fashion with materials traditionally used in an oppressive era. 

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